The Canadian Potato Genome Project (CPGP) was launched in 2002 to develop resources in gene discovery in potatoes, for Canadian researchers and their partners to use. In the spring of 2002, a set of project deliverables to establish these resources and capabilities were established. The project overview and the iterations that led to the production of the final resources of the project components are described in The Project & Team section of the website. In this section, we report on the resources created by the project, which includes:

  • CPGP gene information generated from over 101,000 sequence reads, with 81,325 sequences contributed to Genbank.
  • the generation of a 44K 60-mer oligochip micro-array
  • the largest known population of activation tagged mutant potato lines in the world
  • a bibliographic essay and annotated biography on current issues in potato/crop biotechnology
  • Publications and presentations made by the CPGP team

We wish to thank Shirlyn Coleman, David Wattie and Loretta Mikitzel of the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture for their help with potato plant growth and storage treatments. We also wish to thank Robin Buell and Jennifer Tsai of TIGR for their assistance in obtaining the TIGR EST data. In addition, we wish to thank David Marshall and Linda Milne of the Scottish Crop Research Institute, for screening our LBCH sequences against their Phytophthora sequence database.