Biocidal sanitizer

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A powerful water based solution containing Benalkonium chloride/Cetrmonium complex is a virus killing sanitizer. As a mist spray, it ensures full surface area coverage on the hands, fingers, nails including the eponychium, nail groove and all uneven surfaces of our skin. Aerosol is suitable for personal disinfecting and sanitising but also suitable for larger surfaces, sanitising electronic items such as door entry systems, telephones, computer keyboards, ATM machines and touch screens such as those now used in the restaurants where the public can now order.



  • Isoclenz sanitizer core ingredients are listed with the EPA and recognized as compliant compounds that kill SARS, HIV and Covid envelope type viruses.
  • This powerful Biocide and Antibacterial Spray works in 2 ways: It eliminates viral proteins by DNA disruption and leaves a protected sanitized environment where germs cannot harbor.
  • Convenient, compact hand sized finger pump spray discharging mist of the ultimate sanitizer formulation.
  • Long lasting effect
  • VOC free
  • Non allergenic
  • Odor free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non corrosive to metals, rubber, wood and plastics


Aerosol/pump spray/powder


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